If You Forget Me

performed March 20-24, 2019

by Nora Leahy. Directed by Sarah Newhouse.

featuring Diego Colón, Libby Ricardo, Tamara Todres & Jenny Zmarzly

with Scenic Design by Brandon Roak, Lighting Design by Terry Cermak, Sound Design by Christopher Wilson, & Costume Design by Peggy Trecker White.

World Premiere production from Lean Lab.


Hilton Head world premiere a comedy that by turn entertains and raises serious questions

The earlier works of playwright Nora Leahy tell remarkable stories, are impressively portrayed, and clearly are beyond the limits of typical theatrical expectations. So you can imagine our excitement when it was announced that the Lean Ensemble Theater was not only producing her newest work, but staging the debut of “If You Forget Me.”

This spanking new work, which took several years to complete, is the kind of comedy that asks just the right questions, and which, by turns, invites us to laugh and, at the same time, to consider the serious issues that purposefully arise in the telling of her unique story.

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Playwright talks inspiration ahead of Lean Ensemble’s ‘If You Forget Me’ on Hilton Head

Nora Leahy hadn’t set out to be a playwright. As a college student she’d toyed with the idea of becoming a singer, a sign language interpreter and even a nurse. Yet here she is now a decade or so later with five plays on her resume and a imminent world premiere of her newest work “If You Forget Me” making its debut on March 20 on Hilton Head Island.

The dark comedy, produced by Lean Ensemble Theater, centers on 30ish Kate, whose orderly life is sent into a spin when her fiancé gets into a car accident and loses all memory of her existence. Even more distressing is the fact that he remembers the rest of his life, just not her. As a result, his selective brain trauma becomes her full emotional trauma, sending Kate running back to her childhood home for refuge. But instead of comfort, she must gird herself to ward off her “can do” mother’s pep talks and her sister’s well-intentioned efforts to push her recovery along. Complicating it all, a past boyfriend arrives attempting to reignite the old flame.