Bad Dates

By Theresa Rebeck

Directed by Peggy Trecker White

Confessions of a single mother and self-described restaurant idiot-savant abound in this thoroughly charming, intoxicating and slyly sweet one-woman show. This idiosyncratic journey of self-discovery involves the Romanian mob, a Buddhist rainstorm, a teenage daughter, shoes, and quite a few very bad dates. 

Featuring Megan Bowers

Performances: December 12-16, 2018. Wednesday-Saturday, 7:30 PM. Sunday Matinee 2:00 PM.

SoundWaves, 7 Lagoon Rd on the south end of Hilton Head Island by Coligny Plaza.

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Had a few bad dates in your life? Lean Ensemble Theater has the perfect play for you

The Island Packet

Megan Bowers wants you to know that she’s been on some very bad dates.

And who hasn’t?

The lush who weeps into his beer about his ex and then sticks you with the check.

The date who spends the evening, his face aglow in the light from his cell phone, texting other girlfriends.

The guy who announces he only likes blondes —-and you’re brunette.

The would-be Romeo who slips the bistro’s silverware into his pockets.

The thirty-something Bowers, a veteran of sketch and improv comedy, found that her sense of humor along with improv techniques have helped her navigate her own journey through the rocky terrain of romance. And both her on- and off-stage experience are what makes the actress perfect for Lean Ensemble Theater’s December production of the funny one-woman show “Bad Dates” by Theresa Rebeck.

Bowers plays Haley Walker, a single mom who had pressed the hold button on her romantic life while building a successful restaurant career and raising her daughter Vera. But now that Vera’s a teenager, Haley has decided to plunge back into the dating minefield. As she obsesses about her wardrobe and worries about how to look sexy but not slutty, she encounters a rogue’s gallery of oddball suitors — among them a weirdo bug guy and a colon-focused suitor.

Meanwhile her work life grows complicated as a thieving busboy and Romanian mobsters who “cook the restaurant’s books” leading to a brush with the law.

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