The Humans

Performed October 17-27, 2019

Written by Stephen Karam. Directed by Peggy Trecker White.

featuring Victoria Bundonis, Jerry Durkin, Taylor Harvey, Sheila Kadra, Amanda Sox & Blake White.

with Scenic Design by Shannon Robert, Lighting Design by Tony Penna, Sound Design by Christopher Wilson, & Costume Design by Jenny Zmarzly,

Sponsored by: Anonymous

photos courtesy of thefrenchguyphotography


The Thanksgiving dinner you won’t soon forget serves up winner on Hilton Head stage

Do you remember being reminded, from a very early age, that there were subjects never to bring up nor talk about at a Thanksgiving dinner? Never talk about religion, money, politics, sexual preferences or sexual practices ... and never, never give up family secrets!


Lean Ensemble’s ‘The Humans’ builds a Chinatown duplex on Hilton Head

Lean Ensemble Theater’s artistic director Blake White wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead.

It had been a long day. A trek to Charleston in a rented truck was ensnared with complications worthy of a Marx Brothers’ comedy. It began with some fast talking to make a last-minute vehicle switch when the rental proved too small for the free, 8-foot spiral staircase he was picking up. With help from TTS Studios, the theater construction company that had donated the stairway, he’d shoehorned it into the larger vehicle only to encounter another problem when he got to Hilton Head. The 300-pound beast had proven too unwieldy for the friends who’d been waiting at the HHPS Main Street Theatre to help unload.