Lean Ensemble Theater offers numerous opportunities to engage with our team, other patrons and the community. Lean Forward with Us!

Lean Learning

Education designed to engage our community and empower our learners through dialogue-based, classically inspired, inclusive experiences. Our two primary programs are Learn Forward, focused to benefit youth in the Lowcountry, and Lean Extension, geared specifically to adult learners in our community.

Learn Forward

Learn Forward connects with over 500 area youth each year through diverse and ever-evolving programming. By placing experienced teaching-artists in local schools and after-school organizations we facilitate the development of self-expression, confidence, and discipline via performance. Our one-off workshops and extended residencies include Shakespearean study, devised theatre, solo-performance writing, mock auditions, and more. Learn Forward also provides opportunities for local youth to see professional theatre for free. Lean presents a touring, educational production of a Shakespeare play and offers a free matinee performance of one Main Stage production every season.

Lean Extension

Lean Extension connects live theatre with Lowcountry professionals, retirees, and college students with continuing education lectures, the Actor’s Gymnasium, and a company of college interns.  At the Actor's Gym local adults experience theatrical training in a casual, communal environment curated by the ensemble. Our college interns assist Lean's professional designers and production teams, and receive multiple masterclass style lectures on theatrical design throughout the season.

Get Involved

Put your name on Arts Education! You can become a sponsor of one of our numerous programs or join the cause through our 37 PLAYS Initiative. You will receive naming rights, logo association with the program and oh so much more.  If you’re interested in participating in the Actor’s Gymnasium Events or applying to join our Intern Company please contact Blake White at blake@leanensemble.org.

Actor Taylor Harvey teaches a workshop with local schools as a part of our Learn Forward Program

Actor Taylor Harvey teaches a workshop with local schools as a part of our Learn Forward Program

Oberon from  A Midsummer Nights Dream  at the Boys and Girls Club during Learn Forward's Spring Break-speare Project

Oberon from A Midsummer Nights Dream at the Boys and Girls Club during Learn Forward's Spring Break-speare Project


Join your fellow patrons in helping to keep quality, live theater alive on Hilton Head Island by joining one of the LET giving societies:

--Executive Producer's Circle: $5000

--Producer's Circle: $2500

--President's Circle: $1000

--Director's Circle: $500

--Actor's Circle: $250

--Stage Manager's Circle: $100

Champions Fore Charity

Heritage Champions Fore Charity is an exciting initiative of the Heritage Classic Foundation (HCF) that favorably impacts charitable giving associated with the RBC HERITAGE presented by Boeing. Lean Ensemble Theater is participating in HCF’s matching program which allows 100% of your contribution plus an additional 15% matching gift from the Heritage Classic Foundation to be donated as well. Participation begins at $1000.


37 PLAYS is Lean Ensemble's annual education initiative. It's a way for you to fortify Lean Learning programs, while celebrating the historical and educational significance of William Shakespeare. As a 37 Plays participant, you can “buy” any one of Shakespeare’s plays for the season and in return receive recognition as a supporter of Lean Learning programs. For $500, your name will appear with your Shakespeare play on our website, in our season programs, and in our lobby for the entire year. In addition, every supporter will receive two tickets to the October 11th performance of the Warehouse Theatre's touring production of Othello as presented by Lean Ensemble. 

Join the Inner Circle

Calling all ticket holders! Many subscribers and flex pass holders choose to also join Lean Ensemble Theater as Inner Circle volunteers. Our commitment is to support the company and encourage community participation. Whether backstage‚ in the front of the house‚ or working at a special event‚ LET Inner Circle volunteers have the unique opportunity to assist the theatre and at the same time become a part of the Lean Ensemble family.

New volunteers are vital to our continued success and we offer several ways for you to join us in the Inner Circle.

Inner Circle Volunteer Opportunities include supporting

--Event Planning

--House Management Team

--Public Relations/Program

--Community Collaborations

--Costume/Props acquisition and management


In addition to Inner Circle opportunities, volunteers are also needed for ushering and set construction/painting.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, please email us at innercircle@leanensemble.org.

We look forward to welcoming you into the LET family!


Interested in joining our team? To submit your interest to volunteer please fill out the form below. 

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The Humans

Playwright: Stephen Karam

Director: Chip Egan

First Rehearsal: 10/1/19

Preview: 10/16/19

Opening: 10/17/19 

Closing: 10/27/19

Eric Blake (male, 60), Irish-American, Catholic, working-class background from Scranton, PA. Head of maintenance at a high school for 28 years. Loves his family and has worked hard his whole life. Fired recently because he was discovered having an affair with a teacher at the school and is facing the loss of his job, pension, life saving and self worth. Struggling to make sense of his life and the world around him. [CAST, seeking replacement only]

Deirdre Blake (female, 61), Irish-American, Working class background form Scranton, PA. Overweight. Her Catholic beliefs have sustained her through her life, including her husband’s recent affair and economic downfall. She has found a way to forgive her husband; both pragmatic and romantic. She has worked for the same company since graduating high school. [CAST - seeking replacement only]

Fiona (Momo) Blake (female, 79), Eric’s mother. Irish-American, Catholic. In the throes of dementia for the past four years, most of her speech doesn’t make sense and is repetitive. She is occasionally prone to wild outbursts of rage. Beloved by all members of her family. [CAST - seeking replacement only]

Aimee Blake (female, 34), Irish-American. Grew up in Scranton, PA and is now a lawyer working in a large corporate firm in Philadelphia. Makes a good living. Recently broken up with her longtime girlfriend and is heartbroken. Suffers from ulcerative colitis. Gentle and sensitive but strong. Has often been the peacekeeper of the family.

Brigid Blake (female, 26), Irish-American. Grew up in Scranton, PA and now lives in NYC as a musician and composer. Possesses an artistic/mercurial nature. Frustrated by bartending and collecting unemployment. Spoiled, upbeat and full of energy. She loves her parents but is embarrassed by their background now that she lives in the city. Seeks their approval, wanting them to both love her apartment and boyfriend. 

Richard Saad (male, 38), American with Middle Easter ancestry. Comes from privilege and money. He will come into his trust fund in a few years. His family has a house on Cape Cod and he is currently studying to get a masters in social work. He tries to stay upbeat and positive, remaining sensitive to the complicated dynamics of the Blake family. Suffers from depression and is able to reveal his struggles with this in his past to Brigid’s parents. [CAST - seeking replacement only]

Every Brilliant Thing

Playwright: Duncan MacMillian

Director: Maegan Azar

First Rehearsal: 11/26/19

Preview: 12/11/19

Opening: 12/12/19

Closing: 12/22/19

Actor (20-40) Any gender, any race. Charming, engaging warm and equally adept at comedy and drama. A compelling storyteller with effortless comedic chops. Experience and expertise in improvisation is key. The actor should radiate honesty and empathy, without seeming performative. [CAST - seeking replacement only]

The Christians

Playwright: Lucas Hnath

Director: Jay Briggs

First Rehearsal: 1/7/20

Preview: 1/22/20

Opening: 1/23/20

Closing: 2/2/20

Paul (male, 40s-mid 50s) The Pastor of the church. A man of integrity, enormously charismatic with an inspiring presence; thoughtful, deeply spiritual with profound beliefs. Has a crisis of faith and a new, albeit unpopular with his church, understanding about what he truly believes. Must be able to balance arrogance, confidence and a righteousness of his convictions.  

Elizabeth (female, 40s-mid 50s) Paul’s wife. Intelligent, possessing a deep faith and conviction of her beliefs. Deeply emotional but lacks sentimentality or neurosis, she is a rock; disturbed and disappointed over the decisions Paul has made without her. 

Joshua (male, 30-40) Associate Pastor who challenges Paul’s leadership. Needs a strong sense of integrity, honesty and directness.

Jay (male, 50s-60s) Church Elder who represents the financial needs of the church. Deeply respects Pastor Paul but is alarmed by his decisions. Tries to remain the voice of reason. 

Jenny (female, 30s - 40s), Congregant. Working class, single mother who is struggling financially. She has found assistance within the church and is not deeply afraid of how this upheaval will affect her personal life as well as her faith. Confronts the pastor about his decisions and the time of his sermon. 

Cry It Out

Playwright: Molly Smith Metzler

Director: Amanda Sox

First Rehearsal: 3/3/20

Preview: 3/18/20

Opening: 3/19/20

Closing: 3/29/20

Jessie (female, mid 30s) Married to a North Shore native; recently relocated to Port from Manhattan to raise her family. Educated, articulate, lovely, warm. Originally from the Midwest and has that Midwestern ready-smile. In private, bends toward anxiety. Used to work 90 hour weeks and now has a newborn and lives in yoga pants.  

Lina,  (female, late 20s/early 30s) From Long Beach on the South Shore of Long Island and you can tell immediately. An acrylic nails, big hoops, velour tracks suits kind of gal - from a huge Italian family. Failed community college, curses too much but fun, funny and refreshingly genuine. 

Mitchell (male, late 30s-mid 40s) Adrienne’s husband, works in investment capital. A math nerd - great with numbers but no people. Serious, shrewd, sensitive. Grew up in a tough part of Utica and scalar-shipped his way to where is now. Grades, status and success are his currency. However, fatherhood has changed him. He makes goofy faces now, stares out of windows during meetings and ends his sentences with question marks.  

Adrienne (female, mid/late 30s) Mitchell’s wife. Elegant, powerful, aloof, and slightly rock n roll. She grew up on 

Central Park West, attended posh boarding schools, studied art abroad and is the kind of women you see claiming out of a dark sedan at JFK who you just know is going somewhere cool. Loyal, ferocious in both business and life. A successful jewelry designer.

Death of a Streetcar Named Virginia Woolf

Playwright: Tim Ryder & Tim Sniffen

Director: Blake White

First Rehearsal: 4/7/20

Preview: 4/23/20

Opening: 4/24/20

Closing: 5/3/20

The show takes place in present-day New Orleans on a humid summer night.

The Stage Manager (male, 30s - 50s), a folksy, omniscient narrator of New England descent. [CAST - seeking replacement only] Blanche DuBois (female, early 40s), an anxious, fragile, secretive Southern woman. [CAST - seeking replacement only]

Stanley Kowalski (male, 30ish), a sexually aggressive, blue-collar hothead.

Willy Loman (male, late 50s), a defeated, down-on-his-luck salesman. [CAST - seeking replacement only]

George (male, 40s-50s), a jaded, henpecked university professor. [CAST - seeking replacement only]

Martha, (female, 40s-50s), George’s brassy, equally jaded wife. [CAST - seeking replacement only]

Note: cutaway scenes feature other supporting characters 

All roles are paid, including housing and travel. LET works with an AEA Special Appearance Level 2 contract. Auditions are by appointment only-- please email casting@leanensemble.org for more information.