A Doll’s House, Part 2

performed January 24-February 3, 2019

By Lucas Hnath. Directed by Blake White.

Featuring Taylor Harvey, J. Richey Nash, Peggy Trecker White & Jenny Zmarzly

with Scenic Design by David Hartmann, Lighting Design by Terry Cermak, Sound Design by Christopher Wilson and Costume Design by Sarah McCarroll.

dramaturgy website: www.adollshousepart2.weebly.com

More than 100 years later, Ibsen’s ‘Doll House’ gets a sequel in Lean Ensemble production

“I must decline the honor of being said to have worked for the Women’s Rights movement. I am not even sure what Women’s Rights are. To me it has been a question of human rights.” Henrik Ibsen

“A Doll’s House, Part 2,” a production of the Lean Ensemble, which opened Thursday evening at the Main Street Theatre, begins with a knocking on a door. The same door, as it turns out, which was dramatically and forcefully closed fifteen years earlier, when Nora Helmer, a ripping feminist, left her husband and children — and the security of her Norwegian home — to escape the stifling rules of society, gender inequality, and more to the point, her own rigid, suffocating marriage.

Former baseball player turned actor brings it home for Lean Ensemble production

When J. Richey Nash picked up a baseball bat and stepped up to the plate in his indie film “Hitting the Cycle,” he was a natural. He’d already logged several seasons as an minor league outfielder for the Padres, Twins and White Sox. And he’d even done a stint as a pitcher/outfielder for Riccione Delfini, a baseball team in Italy, a job that took him to Venice, Rome and Milan. He hadn’t planned to be an actor.