"Be BOLD!"

2019-2020 Season

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Written by Stephen Karam. Directed by Chip Egan.

2016 Tony Award & Drama Desk Winner for Best Play

Brigid and Richard have moved into a shabby two-floor apartment in New York’s Chinatown just in time for Thanksgiving, and her family – mom, dad, sister and grandma – arrives from Scranton, PA to laugh, argue, and eat around the table. But also dished up are fears, real and imagined.

Performance Dates: October 17-27, 2010

HHPS Main Street Theatre


Written by Duncan MacMillan & Jonny Donahoe. Directed by Maegan Azar

The funniest play about depression you'll ever see. What makes life worth living? The answers are both simple and profound: ice cream, roller coasters, water fights. A list of everything brilliant about the world. This immersive and interactive event, featuring founding ensemble member Matt Mundy, will be in a new & intimate layout of SoundWaves with only 99 seats, where no one will be more than 2 rows from the action.

Performance Dates: December 12-22, 2019



Written by Lucas Hnath
. Directed by Jay Briggs

Pastor Paul has spent 20 years successfully growing his church from a small storefront to a gleaming megachurch, but now he fears that there may be a crack in the theological foundation. As he shares his new belief in the nature of salvation, the message is met with surprise and then growing trepidation from his closest confidantes in the congregation, threatening to create a schism within the church. From the playwright that brought us A Doll’s House Part 2.

Performance Dates: January 23-February 2, 2020

HHPS Main Street Theatre


Written by Molly Smith Metzler
. Directed by Amanda Sox

Cooped up on maternity leave and starved for conversation, corporate lawyer Jessie strikes up a fast friendship with community-college dropout Lina. They don’t have much in common, but marooned at home with infants, they build a sleep-deprived bond. When a nearby stay-at-home dad, Mitchell, offers to join them, it complicates the neighborly camaraderie, not least because he’s clearly upset that his wife is putting her career first.  A candid comedy that takes an honest look at the absurdities of being home with a baby & the dilemma of returning to work.

March 19-29, 2020

HHPS Main Street Theatre


Written by Tom Ryder & Tim Sniffen
. Directed by Blake White

This hilarious result of collaboration between Writers Theatre and Chicago's world-renowned comedy theatre, The Second City, asks the intriguing question: What happens when the most recognizable characters from some of the greatest American plays of the 20th century suddenly find themselves sharing the same stage?

Performance Dates: April 23-May 3, 2020

HHPS Main Street Theatre